What’s the Quickest Programming Language?

You would possibly suppose there’s a one-word reply to the query: What’s the quickest programming language? However really, there’s plenty of technical nuance in relation to pace and programming. For starters, quicker will not be essentially higher — it actually is dependent upon the use case. (However we’ll get to that.)

Right here, we lay out precisely what makes a programming language “quick,” why it issues, and how one can get began studying a few of the quickest programming languages on the market.

What makes a programming language quick?

The important thing characteristic of a programming language that determines {that a} language is quick is whether or not it’s a compiled or interpreted language. Compiled languages — like Lisp, C++, Go, Rust, and Swift — should be transformed to machine code (see Meeting under) that talks on to the {hardware}. Interpreted languages like Python, JavaScript, Ruby, and PHP run by changing your supply code on the fly into machine code as it’s working. As a result of this conversion course of occurs whereas the code is working and provides overhead, interpreted languages are slower than compiled languages.

There are a few different elements that may decide the pace of a language. Take Java and C# — these languages are each compiled and interpreted. Nevertheless, as a substitute of being compiled to Meeting code, they’re compiled to bytecode. The compiled bytecode is interpreted to run in a digital machine that’s optimized to talk on to the {hardware}. You’ll be able to consider bytecode as Meeting language for the VM. This makes these languages quicker than a language like JavaScript, which converts text-based supply code straight into machine code.

One other issue is whether or not it’s a statically-typed language or a dynamically-typed one. Statically typed languages decide the kinds of all variables when the language is compiled, and dynamically typed languages verify the kind of variables whereas the code is working. This real-time kind checking comes with some overhead, making dynamically typed languages slower than statically typed languages.

What are the quickest programming languages?

The quickest programming language interacts straight with the machine. Let’s check out a few of the quickest languages you would possibly encounter, and what they’re used for.


Meeting language will not be actually one particular language. It’s simply the identify given to any low-level programming language that communicates straight with a pc’s {hardware}. Which means Meeting on your laptop computer will probably be totally different from the Meeting on your mobile phone, as a result of they’ve totally different CPUs that require totally different directions. Normally, solely builders who work straight with {hardware} or create programming languages use Meeting.


Lisp is likely one of the earliest programming languages and is now over 60 years outdated. There have been many sorts of this language, and plenty of different programming languages have used a few of the similar options as Lisp. Clojure, for instance, is a contemporary Lisp dialect carried out for the Java Digital Machine, however Clojure will not be why Lisp is on this record. Widespread Lisp compiles on to Meeting language, which signifies that the code you write in Lisp will probably be Meeting when it runs as an executable. Lisp continues to be used at this time, however you’ll most frequently discover it as Clojure reasonably than Widespread Lisp.


C and C++ are additionally compiled languages. C is a straightforward, procedural programming language that was initially developed within the early Nineteen Seventies and continues to be broadly used at this time, primarily in embedded purposes, due to its pace and small dimension. C++ is a language that extends C and provides object-oriented options. Due to this, it has changed C in lots of purposes. C++ is used in conditions the place efficiency is vital, like 3D online game growth and working system growth.


Go, also referred to as Golang, is a programming language developed by Google. It compiles to Meeting like many of the different languages right here, however it has extra trendy options, less complicated syntax, and is less complicated to put in writing than the long-time chief of quick programming languages, C/C++. Golang is usually utilized in community servers and distributed techniques the place its pace can add extra efficiency to those techniques.


Rust is one other compiled programming language that can also be a safer various to C/C++. It focuses on pace, reminiscence security, and parallel processing and is usually utilized in recreation engines, browser parts, and VR simulation engines the place pace is a precedence.


C# is a language, like Java, that first compiles to a digital language after which is interpreted by a VM. This offers it the options of an interpreted language whereas including some pace. C#, developed by Microsoft, is simple to study, and has many third-party libraries that make growth faster and simpler. It’s well-liked for creating desktop purposes, video video games, and net companies.


Java compiles to bytecode which is then interpreted by the Java Digital Machine. It was one of many first programming languages to do that, which is why it rapidly turned (and stays) well-liked. Utilizing a VM signifies that a Java software will be moved from one working system to a different with no modifications to the code so long as there’s a model of the JVM for the working system obtainable. This cross-platform characteristic mixed with its pace makes Java a preferred language for a lot of purposes, together with net growth, desktop growth, recreation growth, cell app growth, and rather more.


Swift is a contemporary programming language developed by Apple that compiles to Meeting code. It was designed to interchange the older Goal-C language. It’s used to develop your favourite Apple merchandise, like Apple TV, the Apple Watch, and iPhones and iPads. Swift is now the most well-liked language for Mac OS X and iOS growth, however additionally it is cross-platform and is beginning to see use in different purposes.

It’s not at all times about being quick

Whereas pace will be vital when contemplating a programming language to make use of, there are many different elements to consider. If you find yourself writing code, there will probably be occasions that different options of a programming language are extra vital than being quick. In spite of everything, if pace have been the highest precedence for each venture, programming languages not on this record wouldn’t have a lot use, and we’d be writing Meeting code. Nevertheless, the reality is that a few of the hottest programming languages aren’t even on this record.

Velocity is relative, and plenty of occasions, a program in C++ will probably be ten occasions quicker than a program in Python, however it simply doesn’t matter in that particular software. In spite of everything, if an operation finishes in .001 seconds as a substitute of .01 seconds, can you actually inform the distinction? The distinction, although, will matter if you must carry out that very same operation 1000’s of occasions in a loop.

A whole lot of the time, pace of growth issues much more than the pace of execution. A sluggish program will be scaled to enhance its efficiency by throwing extra sources at it, and computing sources are low cost in comparison with paying for extra growth time to put in writing code in a low-level language that’s extra advanced to put in writing. Slower programming languages are well-liked as a result of they’re simpler to put in writing, have a wealth of third-party libraries obtainable, and will be deployed faster. All of this accelerates growth time.

Be taught extra

Whereas the pace of a programming language will not be at all times the most vital characteristic, there are particular advantages to being fast. Happily, you can begin studying these at this time with our self-paced on-line programs. Listed here are some nice locations to begin:

As soon as you become familiar with these coding languages, you’ll be capable to use these in a variety of roles and profession alternatives.

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