IELTS Line Graph – Reputation of Three Topics

by Sultan

The graph gives details about the recognition of three topics, Medication, Humanities, and Science between the years 1960 and 2020 at a neighborhood college.

General, it’s clear that all through years there are some fluctuations in any respect three topics’ enrolment recognition.

At 1960 Medication has 20%, Science has 30%, and lastly Humanities has about 45% enrolment. Till 1980 drugs skilled a bit of rise to about 25% ,whereas Science went right down to nearly 25%. Not like Medication and Science, having little or no fluctuations, Humanities stayed the identical half of the interval, then dropped to just about 32% by 1980.

Wanting on the interval between 1980 and 2000 we are able to clearly see that Science levelled off the entire interval, whereas Medication went as much as almost 32%, solely to drop down after 2000. As well as, Humanities nonetheless shedding recognition, it is enrolment dropped to 7% at 2020, and being the least standard amongst three topics. By 2020 Science rose to about 30%. In distinction to having ups and downs Medication additionally rose to about 30%.

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