IELTS Letter – Unpaid Work

by JoeMaj

A museum close to your private home is searching for individuals to do part-time voluntary/unpaid work. You wish to do some voluntary/unpaid work on the museum.

Write a letter to the museum director to use for the voluntary/unpaid work. In your letter:

• Clarify why you wish to work voluntary/unpaid on the museum.
• Describe some abilities and qualities you’ve got that might be helpful.
• Give particulars of once you can be obtainable for work.

Expensive Sir or Madam,

I’m writing to let you understand that I’m within the voluntary work in your museum, which is only a stone’s throw away from our home. Other than the truth that a piece like this is able to assist me construct good resume for knowledgeable job in not too distant future, I’m additionally a superb scholar of historical past and I’ve penchant for arts.

Typically talking, I’m an organized particular person who has a watch for particulars in relation to administration, this might be the rationale for my appointment as the top prefect after I was nonetheless within the secondary faculty. I’m good on the pc and I additionally posses a good stage respect, which guests to the museum would discover fairly admirable.

I wish to inform you that I’m free to tackle this work subsequent week Monday, which is simply seven day from at this time if my utility is given a beneficial evaluate.

Thanks for the chance to use.

Yours faithfully,

Joseph Maj.

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