IELTS Grievance Letter – Loud Music

by Unwana Moffat


Your next-door neighbour likes to hearken to music late at evening. Due to the loud music, you typically lose sleep.

Write a letter to the constructing supervisor. In your letter

. describe the state of affairs
. clarify the issues it’s inflicting you
. provide at the very least one resolution

Expensive Mr Tim,

I wish to report a reoccurring disturbance I’m presently present process.

I stay in Condo 105 on the property positioned at 27 Airport Street, and residing simply next-door to me is Carl, who enjoys taking part in his music at an unreasonably excessive quantity and late into the evening. With music blaring at such excessive altitude, the partitions of the constructing actually vibrates, because of the nature of the audio system used, and given the truth that at evening, all sounds have a tendency to look extra amplified.

Other than the apparent sleepless nights, which leaves me drained, exhausted and causes me to be under-productive all day, I’ve additionally developed a migraine, which is step by step getting worst. It is a severe concern to me as a result of my job requires me to continuously have a look at the pc display all day, however the migraine is making this tough.

I would like this example urgently addressed, as a result of, though we should always get pleasure from our rights and freedom, one mustn’t deliberately infringe on one other’s rights and freedom. As an answer, I counsel you get Carl to play his music at an inexpensive quantity and likewise inside an inexpensive time. Alternatively, he may use a headphone when he intends to hearken to music all evening lengthy.

Greatest regards,

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