IELTS Band 9 Report, subject: Double line graph of lengths of hospital keep (from IELTS Excessive Scorer’s Alternative collection, Educational Set 4)

It is a mannequin response to a Writing Job 1 subject from Excessive Scorer’s Alternative IELTS Observe Assessments e-book collection (reprinted with permission). This reply is near IELTS Band 9.

Set 4 Educational e-book, Observe Check 17

Writing Job 1

It’s best to spend about 20 minutes on this activity.

The graph beneath reveals the common size of keep final yr (in days) for severe accidents for various age teams in personal and public hospitals in Queensland, Australia.

Summarise the data by choosing and reporting the principle options, and make comparisons the place related.

It’s best to write a minimum of 150 phrases.

Final 12 months’s Common Size of Keep at Non-public and Public Hospitals for Critical Accidents – Queensland, Australia

Pattern Band 9 Report

The graph offers two units of statistics relating to the differing lengths of stays final yr for sufferers with severe accidents in personal and public hospitals in Queensland, Australia. The data is given for age teams for each 4 years of age.

General, it’s clear that final yr public hospitals stays had been longer than stays at personal hospitals throughout all age teams, with just one exception. The typical lengths of keep had been, nonetheless, very related in development when it comes to how the stays rose and dropped.

The figures for public hospitals start for the age group zero to 4 years. The lengths of keep go up very sharply and steadily from this age group, beginning at round 4 days as much as slightly below sixty days for the age group twenty-five to twenty-nine. There’s then a pointy and regular drop to simply over forty days to the age group thirty-five to thirty-nine. There’s a extra sharp enhance to roughly fifty-seven days for the subsequent age group after which there’s a lower within the size of hospital stays. This drop is sharp to begin with, however slows down from the age group fifty to fifty-four years (round twenty-seven days) to eighty-five years plus (round eighteen days).

The figures for personal hospitals observe an identical development. The figures start with the age group fifteen to nineteen years. They present an increase to a peak on the age group twenty-five to twenty-nine, the identical peak age group for public hospitals. There’s then a principally regular drop within the size of hospital keep till the eighty-five years age group, the place the size of keep is identical because the keep at public hospitals (round eighteen days). That is the one common size of keep that’s the identical for the private and non-private hospitals. The typical size of keep is all the time bigger within the age teams at public hospitals.

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