IELTS Band 9 essay, subject: Folks at the moment discover their lives increasingly dominated by their jobs (agree/disagree)

This can be a mannequin response to a Writing Process 2 subject from Excessive Scorer’s Alternative IELTS Follow Checks e-book collection (reprinted with permission). This reply is near IELTS Band 9.

Set 6 Common Coaching e-book, Follow Check 29

Writing Process 2

It is best to spend about 40 minutes on this process.

Write concerning the following subject:

Folks at the moment discover their lives increasingly dominated by their jobs. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this assertion?

Give causes on your reply and embrace any related examples out of your data or expertise.

It is best to write no less than 250 phrases.

Pattern Band 9 Essay

It’s actually true that many individuals around the globe discover their lives dominated by the work that they should do. That is proven while you realise how individuals’s work, and the way a lot time, effort and assets they dedicate to it, is commonly the topic of dialog.

Most individuals depend upon their jobs to generate an earnings to pay for his or her lives’ requirements and luxuries, and so work can naturally turn into a dominating focus. As this is a crucial a part of practically everybody’s on a regular basis life, it could possibly appear that individuals’s lives are certainly changing into extra influenced by their jobs. Whether or not this emphasis on work is extra important now than in earlier years is debatable. In lots of developed nations around the globe, there are procedures in place to assist individuals with discovering work, offering unemployment advantages, making certain training, and providing pension funds. In instances previous, these provisions weren’t in place and a job or enterprise was required to supply the required earnings.

Subsequently, despite will increase in the price of dwelling in lots of locations around the globe, it may be argued there may be truly much less stress than in earlier years to maintain one’s job and carry out properly at it. This, in flip, would result in individuals’s lives being much less influenced by their jobs at the moment. It’s also true that previously, individuals had been as accountable and centered on doing properly of their obligations as at the moment and so, on this respect, the individuals of the previous can be equally devoted to their work as individuals are at the moment.

Whereas I agree that individuals’s lives at the moment are sometimes dominated by their jobs, I really feel that the present state of affairs will not be essentially worse than earlier than. Actually, it might be extra constructive, because of the fewer pressures to earn cash in lots of nations.

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