CSS Public Administration Paper 2022

CSS Public Administration Paper 2022. Public Administration CSS Paper 2022. CSS 2022 Public Administration Paper.

Q2. Forms and Democracy are antithetical. Forms is hierarchical, elitist, (20) specializing, and knowledgeable whereas democracy is communal, pluralist, generalizing, and ill-informed. Protecting in thoughts the quantum of expectations in Pakistan and the fact of the civic tradition focus on the above assertion.

Q3. Talk about the similarities and variations between the Weberian bureaucratic mannequin, scientific administration, and the “ideas” method to learning public organizations. Describe the premise of every idea and its impression on the event of public administration. Additionally, clarify why critics contend these theories will not be in tune with the “observe” of Pakistan’s public administration.

This autumn. “On what foundation we could allocate assets to program A as an alternative of program B,” is the perennial assertion in public sector budgeting. Determine and focus on at the very least 5 makes an attempt, discovered within the budgeting literature, used to reply V.O. Key’s well-known budgeting query. Which kind of budgeting system is most acceptable for public administration? Why do you’re feeling this fashion?

Q5. Describe intimately the 4 classical sorts of potential market failure and supply examples of every kind. What’s the relevance of the idea of market failure to authorities intervention within the financial system? Clarify.

Q6. Talk about the capabilities and organizational construction of the federal authorities of Pakistan together with administrative relations between federal ministries and federal our bodies equivalent to commissions, authorities, boards & state-owned enterprises.

Q7. Governmental budgets stay an space of normal concern in addition to controversy. (20) Appreciable consideration is given to taxation and different sources of governmental revenues. Talk about the federal finances course of in Pakistan paying particular consideration to its skill to search out governmental exercise and assist to manage the financial system’s enterprise cycle.

Q8. Write brief notes on any TWO of the next:-

  1. Woodrow Wilson’s contribution to Public Administration
  2. Distinction between good governance and e-governance
  3. Inter-governmental Relations at Federal and Provincial ranges in Pakistan

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