CSS Present Affairs Paper 2022 Solved MCQs

CSS Present Affairs Paper 2022 Solved MCQs. CSS Present Affairs Solved MCQs 2022.

1 The e-book ‘Pakistan; A Arduous Nation’ was written by

Anatol Leven           Daniel Markey                Ian Talbot                         None of those

2 The e-book ‘The Nice Phantasm’ was written by

Fredrick Angel           Norman Angel            Lillian Angel                      None of those

3 The e-book ‘No Greater Honour’ was written by

Collen Powel             Barak Obama              Condoleezza Rice             None of those

4 The e-book ‘Saplens’ was written by

Crispen Bates           Yousaf Haftari              Yuval Noah Harari             None of those

5 Article _____________ of the Structure of Pakistan offers with ‘Vote Of no Confidence’ towards Prime Minister.

95                                  96                                         97                            None of those

6 ______________ Session of Council of Overseas Ministers of OIC was held in Islamabad in March 2022.

47th                               48th                                     49th                           None of those

7 Mariupol is the identify of metropolis of:

Russia                        Poland                           Ukraine                        None of those

8 Kautilya was the identify of chief advisor of

Emperor Chandragupta Maurrya              Ashoka The Nice         Prithvi Raj Chauhan       

9 CIS is a regional group located in

Far East                      Central East                Center East                    None of those

10 Title of current Chinese language Overseas Minister is

Wang Yi                         Yeo Jing                     Wong Rong                     None of those

11 The peak of world’s tallest constructing Burj Khalifa (UAE) is ____________ meters.

848                                838                                  828                            None of those

12 _____________ is the present US Secretary of State.

Mike Pompeo          Antony Blinken                 Llyod Austin                None of those

13 Dr. Abdul Qdir Khan died on

15 March 2021              12 July 2021               10 October 2021             None of those

14 Squash legend Jehangir Khan gained _____________ matches in row.

555                                      444                          333                                  None of those

15 The headquarter of ECO is in

Ankara                                Tehran                    Baku                                None of those

16 Complete membership of EU is

26                                       27                                28                              None of those

17 Present President of the UN Common Meeting is

Volkan Bozkir              Chris Smith              Abdullah Shahid               None of those

18 The forex of Norway is

Norwegian Krone     Norwegian Greenback              Norwegian Pound         None of those

19 Complete membership of SAARC is

7                                           8                                     9                             None of those

20 The capital of Canada is

Toronto                         Montreal                         Ottawa                           None of those

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