CSS Botany Paper 2022 – Askedon

CSS Botany Paper 2022. Botany Paper CSS 2022. CSS 2022 Botny Paper.

Q2. Clarify variations between algae-based on-call construction, nature of the pigments, and the kinds of reserve meals supplies.

Q3. Talk about the financial significance and distribution of gymnosperms in Pakistan.

This autumn. Describe the pollination mechanism in angiosperms.

Q5. Make clear the necessary guidelines of botanical nomenclature.

Q6. Clarify the function of various plant hormones from seed germination to fruit ripening.

Q7. What are the adversarial results and management measures for aquatic and terrestrial air pollution? Clarify.

Q8. Write notes on any TWO of the next:

  1. Causes and mechanism of cell senescence
  2. Significance of genetic engineering
  3. Divergent Evolution

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