CSS Agriculture And Forestry Paper 2022

CSS Agriculture And Forestry Paper 2022. Agriculture And Forestry CSS Paper 2022. Agriculture And Forstry Paper CSS 2022.

Q2. What’s Built-in Plant Nutrient Administration (IPNM)? How chemical fertilizers effectivity might be improved? How agro-industries waste (sugar, cotton & fruits) might be finest utilized as plant vitamins?

No3. Describe the current Cotton situation, causes of low manufacturing over the last 5 years, and challenges forward. How previous glory of cotton manufacturing might be achieved?

This autumn. What elements affect seed germination? How seed viability is affected throughout storage? What’s the casual seed sector? Talk about the benefits and downsides of the casual seed sector.

Q5. Write notes on:

  1. Potential and problems with small dams constructed in mountainous and semi-mountainous areas of Pakistan.
  2. Benefits and downsides of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

Q6. Talk about targets and the premise of standard forest classification in Pakistan. Describe the distribution of forests in Pakistan.

Q7. Describe the position of agroforestry in forage shortage mitigation for livestock. How totally different vary areas have performed their roles in livestock raring?

Q8. Write notes on:

  1. Ideas of forestry
  2. Silvicultural programs

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